cheese buns
My pal Dave has been asking me to write a post for his Bearded Jew’s Burger blog for a while. Being a bearded half-jew, I’m honored to be asked but frankly, until now, I’ve lacked the proper motivation. That is until I tried the “American Dream” burger at SQUARE in Chicago. A thick, juicy 10 oz. burger (actually cooked medium-rare) topped with sauteed mushrooms and Applewood bacon sounds like a great burger, right? Now for the kicker… this burger isn’t served on a bun. No, it comes packed between two grilled cheese sandwiches! This burger is KA-RAY-ZAY!!! Try it, you’ll love it. If the burger doesn’t give you a heart attack, try a deep fried candy bar for dessert! Eat up lil’ doggies!

Dr. Rush

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  1. Matt says:

    I will absolutely make one of these at home tonight. While listening to one of Grape Juice Records' fine offerings.

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