A few kind words about The Lower 48

3944826357 1 A few kind words about The Lower 48
Our good friends The Lower 48 have been getting some pretty sweet reviews of their debut EP, “Everywhere To Go.”

Some Excerpts:

There’s no glitz or glam or pretentious lyrics, just a heartfelt and homespun sound that hits you’d expect from the likes of She and Him or Bon Iver.
-The Truth Enlightens Me

The Lower 48, an underage quartet from Minneapolis, has accumulated more buzz before the band members’ 20th birthdays than most rockers do in a lifetime.
-Magnet Magazine

A beautiful sound has been born. It belongs to The Lower 48, a new band emerging from Minneapolis. This quartet of young musicians, all under the age of 20, have crafted their own very original sound with its roots in folk but decorated with swelling strings, sweet harmonies, mature lyrics, and one of the sexiest female voices you’ve ever heard.
-The Silver Tongue

These kids have a bright future ahead of them. Check ‘em out now so you can say you heard them first!

-Jai Henry(Author of this post)

You can hear the entire “Everywhere to Go” EP here:

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