Grape Juice 5 Year T-Shirt

In 2009, we threw a party to celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary. A contest was held to design a t-shirt to commemorate the momentous occasion. A popular vote was taken to decide the victor. In the end, Kyle O’Brien-Caird was the chosen winner, and we couldn’t be happier with the winning design.  


1. Terrorize 2. Rock and Roll 3. Human Monster 4. Radio 5. Hi-Ya-Wa-Tha 6. Chuck Taylors 7. USA 8. Vampire 9. Nothin to Say 10. Poet Murders When Rambos set out to do something, they get at it. Stand em up, knock em down. So when Rambos decided to head into the studio, they didn’t [...]


Life with the Buffalo by Curtis Evans Life With the Buffalo is the follow up to 2008′s More Songs About Loneliness. Our favorite songs are “Life With the Buffalo,” “Baltimore,” and “Sister.” “With lyrics about God, the Devil, and yes, buffalo, singer-songwriter Curtis Evan isn’t exactly exploring any new territory with this entry into Americana. [...]

Musikanto – “Sky of Dresses”

Sky of Dresses album cover

“Sky of Dresses” by Musikanto Released August 2, 2011 1. Blues for Momma 2. Take What You Need 3. Every Which Way 4. The Ballad of Two Vultures 5. Awful Mind 6. Colors in the Grey 7. Byzantine 8. My Heart Won’t Bleed Anymore 9. Sky of Dresses 10. False Wind 11. The Waiting Room [...]