Curtis Evans on ‘Life with the Buffalo’

The genesis for the album ‘Life with the Buffalo’* began on the coldest night of winter 2007. I had just returned from a long journey out west that took me thousands of miles through hundreds of towns and 20 states. Upstairs at a friends house i heard many voices coming from the basement. They were singing one of those old folk songs. For some reason i just couldn’t join in. Couldn’t descend the steps where so many i love sat with guitars and smiles. Instead i drank alone until i was nearly blind. On the long stumble home came the melody. And in the morning came the verse. “That i still love you. That i have to roam. Gotta see how deep, my voice can go.”**

In the next few months i will journal our progress in the studio. To share with you stories of my songs. How they came to be, what they mean to my life. And most importantly, to tell you about all the wonderful friends who will help me in bringing them to your ears as finished recordings. As always, thank you for listening.



* ‘Life with the Buffalo’ is the debut LP from Curtis Evans, currently in progress at Studio Ballistico with producer/engineer Tim Sandusky.
** Refers to the title track of the upcoming LP. To hear this song and more, come to a show or check back here for previews of music from the upcoming album.

Next show:
November 11 at Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago

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