Quennect Four Famo Reunion

q4 logo black 300x200 Quennect Four Famo Reunion

Quennect Four was a multi-use art space in Chicago’s Humboldt park neighborhood. In the brief three years that the space was around, they managed to grow their Thursday open mic series from a small basement party with a couple bands to topping 300 attendees each week with 24 acts playing two songs each. The series was called 20Hz x 20 kHz to represent the broad spectrum of sounds that you could hear on any given Thursday. You might not be aware that some of Chicago’s favorite local musicians got their start at this space. BBU, MPLS Henrys, Phillip Morris, Dirty Diamonds, The Embraceables and even Bailiff had all graced the stage at Quennect Four before the space received a Cease and Desist order from the city due to a local whistleblower. While the space is not around anymore, we’re all in a better place because of it. Grape Juice and the masterminds behind Quennect Four are bringing the family back together for a night at the Double Door. The night will feature Q4 alumni:



Phillip Morris

MPLS Henrys

Big Splashes

Shannon vs. The Stranger

DJ Dario X (from Blah Blah Blah)


The event will take place at:

Double Door

1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL 60647

For tickets, please visit doubledoor.com


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