Rambos Rock and Roll Monsters ROCK AND ROLL MONSTERS

1. Terrorize
2. Rock and Roll
3. Human Monster
4. Radio
5. Hi-Ya-Wa-Tha
6. Chuck Taylors
7. USA
8. Vampire
9. Nothin to Say
10. Poet Murders

When Rambos set out to do something, they get at it. Stand em up, knock em down. So when Rambos decided to head into the studio, they didn’t just set out to record an album. They set out to record every single song they knew. One month, 3 black eyes, and countless scrapes and bruises later, Rambos emerged with 19 songs worthy of a salute from John himself. The first installment is Rock and Roll Monsters, 10 songs to introduce you to Rambos. We hope it’s not too much too soon.

“At a time where cookie-cutter pop stars are ruling the music charts and making radio almost an obsolete notion for any person with a respectable taste in music, Rambos are a strange, yet revitalizing breath of fresh air.” – Chicago Garage Rock

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