SHAKES Jon Drake & The Shakes“Jon Drake & The Shakes feel a bit like a carrousel and a prismatic sky. The ride and the atmosphere aren’t necessarily fighting with one another, but they’re a bit at odds. It’s as if the ride – the ups and downs, the constant and non-jerky circular motion – are jealous of the colors, of the oohs and ahhs, jealous of having any of its thunder stolen. There can only be one spectacle in the room at once and yet the substance drapes over it all. That sky just falls over the contraption and creates this brilliant form of trespassing. There are just as many people at odds in these brassy, funky and soulful tales of folks at the ends of their ropes and dealing with days that are going to find ways to tangent into nights that are heading toward disconcerting, two-packs of smokes evenings full of shakes and discomfort. Or, it could all turn around, with the breaking of the clouds and the peskiness of a sun.” – Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

“For a band of their size and caliber, the Shakes put on a more fun live show than most bands in Chicago” Time Out Chicago


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