Minneapolis Henrys play @ Reggies Rock Club

Chicago, IL- January 25th, 2010

Come out and support The Minneapolis Henrys as they compete for a chance to play at South by Southwest! Reggie’s Rock Club is throwing an unofficial, SXSW showcase on February 12th, wherein six bands will compete for a show at the Jackalope the following Friday, March 19th. The winner will be chosen based on crowd reaction, stage presence, and overall musical ability, as well as general awesomeness.

Reggie’s evening line-up, in no particular order:

This is Versailles

Minneapolis Henry’s


The Loneliest Monk

Cains and Abels

Green Sugar

Show details:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reggie’s Rock Club

7:30 pm, doors open, 18+

2105 S. State St.

Chicago, 60616


Winners will play an afternoon show at the Jackalope, Friday, March 19th

Bands include:


Deadtown Revival

The Blacklist Royals

The Zut Alors

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