Musikanto Featured on Halloween edition of Chicago Mixtape

Halloween has come and gone. You probably caught a wicked cold from wearing next to nothing and partying too hard. Now that you’ve recovered, it’s about time you check out Musikanto on Chicago Mixtape. For those not in the know, the Chicago Mixtape is a marvelous project that sends curated “mixtapes” straight to your inbox. Though many of us probably wish it was an actual cassette, delivered to our mailbox – it’s high quality digital mp3s delivered to our internet browser. It’s a great resource that will help you discover new talent in Chicago, and it’s a great service for artists and musicians! Win, win.

Named after the Musikanto-featured song “Take What You Need,” the Halloween edition Chicago Mixtape features many great Chicago acts, including Julie Meckler among others. Click through and download your mixtape!


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