The big ole’ Grape Juice Records Thanksgiving Recipe Contest!

Cornucopia The big ole Grape Juice Records Thanksgiving Recipe Contest!
At Grape Juice Records we love food very, very much. It’s only natural that Thanksgiving would be one of our favorite holidays. We have much to be thankful for!

The only problem is this: We have no Idea what to eat!

That’s where you come in. We need our friends and fans to send us their favorite holiday recipes. We will post them on our page and pick a couple of our favorites to try out at our pre-thanksgiving potluck. Grape Juice will then vote on a winner, who will receive a special prize!

Please send us your recipes and photos if you got ‘em to by Monday, Nov. 15 in order to be considered for the contest.

Also, this being a recession and all, we ask that you please keep your recipes on the economical side.


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