This week in Chicago shows

We go to a lot of shows, so we thought we’d start sharing which ones we’re planning on hitting up.

1/17 Pomegranates at Schuba’s
Gotta love Pomegranates. So refreshing and full of antioxidants!
Pomegranates – “Create Your Own Reality” by Afternoon Records


1/18 Summer Girlfriends, Damon and Whitney of E+ at Beat Kitchen
What could be better than a band consisting of 5 girls who know how to rock? Yep, that’s right, nothing.


1/19 Dastardly at Lincoln Hall
Dastardly are releasing their second album, and celebrating at Lincoln Hall with Brighton MA and Santah. Check out Dastardly’s session with Audiotree:


1/21 Grape Juice Presents: Jaime Rojo, Geoff Dolce and The Thin Man at The Burlington
Talent runs in the Drake family. Jim Drake (yep, Jon Drake’s brother) heads up Jaime Rojo, a rock and roll band with great songs and a live show that started great and keeps getting better.

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