About 450x300 About usWe started the same way that a lot of other indie labels started: as a way to put out music that we love, by people we love. Grape Juice founders Nick Rush and Ian Tsan met in high school, but didn’t come up with the idea to start a label until they moved in to the same house in San Francisco. When Jai Henry visited Ian in San Francisco in 2004, it was only a matter of time before Nick approached Ian about releasing Jai’s music. And Grape Juice Records was born. We’ve continued in this spirit ever since, releasing music that we love by people we love: Curtis Evans, Musikanto, Jon Drake & The Shakes, Rambos – we’ve got a pretty great family.

“Grape Juice Records is an indie and folk rock focused label with a grassroots approach and a (mostly) locally-culled artist roster. The label teams up with their talent to donate to nonprofits of the musicians’ choosing, giving back to the community at large. A socially-conscious business plan paired with a well-chosen roster of up-and-coming talent make Grape Juice Records a small label to watch.” – Chicagoist

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