Are You Still Gonna Love Me Now That I’m Dead? – Jones

Clay Hagen grew up in the Twin Cities. He’s been a singer since he was a kid and took up the guitar in high school to start a band with friends. A Night in the Box burst on the Minneapolis music scene in 2005 showcasing Clay’s powerful bluesy vocals and commanding stage presence. The soul and bluegrass band enjoyed a loyal following as a stage act and released two albums; “The Hustle, The Prayer, The Thief” (2006) and “Write a Letter” (2008). After a whirlwind five years, A Night in the Box split up to the disappointment of fans across the country. Clay went solo for a short time but missed band life. In 2011 he called on a few old friends – Nick Rush and Ian Tsan (Rambos, MPLS Henrys). The trio formed a new group called “JONES” and began a long distance collaboration between the Minneapolis and Chicago-based musicians. Clay would travel to Chicago for a weekend every few months and leave with a couple more songs. After 2 years of this, the band headed into Chicago’s Minbal Studios to record a six song EP. JONES is a hard-driving, electric blues/rock band and a perfect vehicle for Clay’s passionate performing style.


Download the single: Are You Still Gonna Love Me Now That I’m Dead?

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