Jeremy David Miller – Lepus – Out Now

Jeremy David Miller says it has taken him 30 years to write his first record, Lepus. Thirty years of learning wordplay, thirty years of melding melodies, thirty years of observing. Now as Miller steps up to the mic he is ready to pronounce, “I am here and this is what I’m saying.”

We at the Grape Juice camp are very excited to see this album come to fruition. Jeremy has been part of the Grape Juice family for a few years now, and this album puts the spotlight right where it should be: on Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. The combination of charisma and storytelling prowess is unparalleled these days, with more and more musicians putting the business before the craft. Miller has not forgotten the craft, and today we salute him and his songs.

Preview and purchase the album at iTunes, where the album has also been featured on their New and Noteworthy releases for Singer/Songwriters.


Jeremy David Miller Lepus 540x537 Jeremy David Miller   Lepus   Out Now


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