Jon and Ellis from The Shakes on WXRT’s Local Anesthetic

Jon and Ellis were featured on tonight’s Local Anesthetic with Richard Milne. Click here if you missed it. Jon Drake & The Shakes will celebrate the release of Dear Ulysses this Friday at the Double Door.

Milne had this to say about the new album:

“Rich and rewarding songwriting is the order of the day on the band’s debut Dear UlyssesJon Drake’s tenor rings pure on most tunes but there’s some artful panning and double tracking on a few tunes that help him cut even closer to the bone.
Jon’s not afraid to get up his subject’s face just a bit but only enough to draw the listener in to his indignation. The art of it all comes in to play when you find yourself singing along to whatever it is he’s singing about. At the top of your lungs.”

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