The MPLS Henrys hit the studio

The MPLS Henrys are in the studio for the first time in over two years. They are at Strobe this weekend, once again enlisting the help of producer/engineer Vince Casamatta (Vince also recorded the Henrys’ debut, “The Way of the Albatross”). The Henrys plan to record three songs. We’re told those songs are called “Echoes,” “Halfway to Tijuana” and “The Ballad of Skinny J.” If you’ve seen them live in the past six months, then you’ve definitely heard these songs and are probably just as excited as we are to hear them. We’ll keep you posted on what happened in the studio, meanwhile, here’s photographic proof that Jai and Brandon still don’t know when to stop singing:


Jai Brandon Studio 1 466x350 The MPLS Henrys hit the studio

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