Rambos at Burlington with The Ladybirds (Louisville) and Blackbelts

Rambos take the stage at The Burlington tonight with The Ladybirds from Louisville and Chicago’s Blackbelts. Loud Loop Press says:

“Get your September off to a brawlin’ good start with high-energy Chicago rockers Rambos. The group melts faces with smoky rockabilly beats, which it lovingly layers with thick cuts of bluesy punk and surf rock. It’s like a rock’n’roll seven-layer bean dip. No, I’m not hungry. I swear. Also performing tonight are Louisville pop rockers The Ladybirds and music group Blackbelts.” (Audrey Leon)

Welcome! Have you had your music today?


It’s about that time again… WCWB III!

By now we’re deep into the winter winds here in Chicago, and that means it’s time for another Windy City Winter Ball. This third installment features a killer bill and some pretty awesome extras that we’re not too humble to brag about. The Detroit Cobras, and local Chicago bands Hollows and Rambos will rock your [...]